Apple Story Club

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It began with an Apple!!!

News Courtesy: The New Indian Express

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: On January 4, 1643, a was born a great man, an Englishman called Isaac Newton, who would later on give us the Laws of Motion and universal gravitation.

And the interesting part is that all the discoveries were fuelled by an apple. Taking this as an inspiration, a children’s story club took birth in the city last year, on the same date. And it was named ‘Apple Story Club’.

The children’s story club, in association with and children’s library in the city had recently conducted a ‘Big Book Quiz’ for kids aged 8-14 years at the library at Elangom Gardens here.

So why the name Apple? Says Anjali Rajan Dileep, founder, Apple Story Club, “The name was decided upon as a tribute to Isaac Newton. Not just that, apple has a lot of significance more than just as a fruit, starting from the bible to a famous proverb. Even for children, learning starts with ‘A for Apple’.”

The club meets on Sundays where Anjali starts the session with a story. Each session has got a theme and the children share their experiences and comments on the day’s story, she says.

The book quiz has been the club’s first outdoor activity. “Even though it was a quiz concerning English books, I made sure that the children were educated on the need to read Malayalam literature too. I happened to ask one of the kids if they read any, for which the reply was negative. The reason cited was ‘It is not good’, despite the child not having read any. The attitude that Malayalam literature is not ‘classy’ enough needs to be changed,” adds Anjali.

The students got their grey matter working in the two-hour long quizzing session, which had five rounds to check their knowledge on children’s books. The winners were given prizes sponsored by Modern Books.

Winding up the conversation, Anjali adds, “There is a notion among many that the correct age for someone to undergo personality development is around 18 years or above. That is wrong, and one of the reasons that I founded this club is to prove it.”


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